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Update time!

2015-06-20 15:43:49 by CornellArt

So I know what you all must be thinking; "Quinton, why have you forsaken us?! You are our favorite artist of all time and when are you going to grace us with your artistic brilliance again?!"....okay maybe not quite like that. But I wanted to let you guys know that I am, in fact, still alive and still working on art and comic stuff. Life has just been super chaotic lately and I'm finally getting some time to sit down and work on things. I will be continuing the Adventure Time fan comic I've been working on as well as a new project. I'm currently working on a huge project that I hope I can get out sometime next year! Anyway, love you guys and thanks for your infinite patience with me!

Fionna's Beginning page 3

2015-04-09 20:05:29 by CornellArt

Hey guys,

so for those of you following my adventure Time comic Fionna's Beginning I just wanted to let you know that I might not make the deadline tomorrow for the new page. The past couple days have been a bit diffiicult for me, I've reached kind of a block with my drawing and I'm trying really hard to move past it. Thank you all for understanding and the new page will be up ASAP! 



2015-03-31 20:41:20 by CornellArt

Just a quick update guys, I'll have a piece coming out for you tomorrow and a new page of Fionna's Beginning out on Friday! 

Adventure Time Comic Update!

2015-02-01 03:52:13 by CornellArt

Okay guys, so here's an update on the comic Fionna's Beginning. I know there hasn't been anything posted for a while but I assure you that I am working diligently to provide a quality comic. I've been doing pages and pages of concept art for this comic to make sure it turns out just the way I want. I have a couple pages done, but unfortunately they are some major spoilers and I don't want to post them prematurely. I'll continue to give you all updates and frequently as I can. Thank you all for your patience!